Davina: Big Brother is ending!!!!! Ohh Well...

Davina McCall has revealed that Channel 4 reality series Big Brother is coming to an end.

The presenter, who has hosted the show since it started back in 2000, said: "It's definitely only got two years left."

This year's Big Brother will be the 10th anniversary series of the show and it is believed that Channel 4 will not renew its current contract when it runs out next year.

The new series, which begins later this month, faces an uphill struggle for viewers as last year's Big Brother had the lowest-ever viewing figures.

Audiences for the 2008 series averaged just 3.2 million viewers, while critics claimed that the show had lost its spark.

The glory days of Big Brother, which produced stars such as Nasty Nick, Nadia and Jade Goody, now seem well and truly over. Can you even remember who won last year's show? Go on, have a go.

We think the end of Big Brother can't come soon enough. The show, which was once must-see viewing, has become little more than a four month long snooze-fest which exists for the purpose of spewing out a couple of z-list celebs for Heat magazine at the end.