Is Rihanna losing her sense of style?

One bad outfit we can ignore, but when there seems to be one every day, we simply have to ask what the HELL is going on. Rihanna has picked some really, erm, interesting outfits lately, starting with the leather and chains ensemble back in November, and culminating with this metallic, '80s-inspired, shoulder-padded thing just last night. While we applaud her desire to stand out from the crowd, we also think some of the items in her wardrobe cross the barrier from cool and stylish to just plain scary. Just look at the ring she's wearing in the above picture! How does she wipe her –. No, we're not going to go there. We've put together a little gallery of some of Rihanna's more extreme clothing choices of late. Have a little look and tell us what you think? Is she a fashionista of the highest order, or does she really need a new stylist?