Artist Name: Fid Q
Birth Name: Fareed Kubanda
Birth Date: August 13th
Birth Place: Mwanza.
Nationality: Tanzanian
Occupation: Recording Artist

From when He dropped those infamous 16 bars on a featured track 'Ukweli na Uwazi' on the now classic 'Wachuja Nafaka' album, Bongo HipHop was born again through the sharp Lyricism of Fareed Kubanda aka Fid Q!!
'Hamjajua mtakula nini halafu nyie mnaponda mali hivi hiyo ni nini, utajiri nguzo, ubahili hivi ndo mnavyoamini, mmesahau kiama ni nini au mmesahau mafunzo ya dini...'...Spits Fid Q with rapid raw delivery over the legendary producer Pfunk's heavy boom-bap back drop.
'Akupigaye ngumi ya jicho na we mpige ya sikio akikuuliza unaonaje na we mwulize anajisikiaje...’!! That's how Fid Q opens up the 3rd verse on his first single, 'Fid Q. com', These words are now the opening chant to any Fid Q show and are always met by ear-drum shattering response from the fans all over the country whenever he's on stage

That level of cadence and nonchalance delivery, mixed with witty punch lines and simple-yet complex lyricism had not been heard in the game since the passing of the Great D-Rob (RIP)! Here was a kid with passion for the art form. Here was a complete MC, an all rounder who didn’t rely on cheesy singy-song choruses to compose a hit. He was a guy taking the risk and using 'Multi-syllabic rhyme schemes' in the audience that was getting so lazy to analyse the realness of Hip-hop!

In the era where bubblegum rap is prevalent and sugar coated rnb hooks define a hit; Fid Q is a breath of fresh air! In this oversaturated bongo flava artform where 'nursery' rhymes earn you the title of 'king of rhymes', Fid Q stands like a Giant that no-one come close to even stare in the eye! Who else can rock the stage with no gimmicks but pure lyrics? Who in this game stands by themselves amongst well established artists that come on stage with hundreds of tag-alongs just to boost their confidence? The self declared 'one man army' (‘Fid ni jeshi la mtu mmoja') rolls on stage for solo and owns the show with enough flows to confuse water down a bendy stream.
Fid has since released 2 more singles. 'Chagua Moja' which was an instant hit and a summer anthem for 2005, He also has got the number 1 song with his single 'Mwanza Mwanza' where he's giving props to his hometown of Mwanza. One of the most sought-after artists, he has been featured in tracks by Daz Baba (Namba 8), a track that he vocally owns to a point of having people who think its actually his song, He's been featured on 2 songs with the underground Swiss Rap crew (Klykhlas) on their Swiss/Swahili rap blend project known as 'Daladala Project'.

Fid has shot 3 videos for his singles, Fid Q.Com, Chagua Moja and MWanza Mwanza. His also released full-length album (Vina Mwanzo, Kati Na Mwisho) FID Q remain to be the most anticipated hip hop artist in the history of Tanzania Rap.
1. Fid Q.com
2. Chagua Moja
3. Mwanza Mwanza
4. Augost 13
1. Namba 8- Daz Baba
2. Mikono Juu- Khlyklass
3. Welcome to the jungle-khlyklass