Am'Just Saying!!!


I would like to put things straight... I mean if you don't like someone there is no need to add them in your life! meaning why would u ask someone for a friend request on facebook or twitter when all u do is spy on them and write rude comments???. well its not good ladies and gents.
Its a free world yeah,  n u gatta live ur own life!
For example i have alot of friends on facebook i dont  know everyone there but when i get a chance i try to have a quick chat with them, but some people dont appriciate that, they just want you to talk to them and only them everytime you log on and if u dont all they do is insult you.
PLEASE sometimes theres a lot to do and maybe u have like 500 people online how can u possibly talk to all of them. I appriciate they are some people who love me and wanna get to know me but when i dont respond to your messages it doesnt mean am rude. all u gatta do is be patient when am less busy some day and i find u online i will definately talk to u. i aint that rude gal am cool as no need for ur rude comments.




  1. Pretty good fact about the 500 people online how can u possibly talk to all of them,and the facts you tell is just brilliant.


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