Makeup Faux Pas to Avoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re not all born with makeup brushes in our hands. Luckily these five tips will keep us from committing a terrible makeup mistake. Check it out:
Under-eye Concealer: Be sure to blend in concealer thoroughly or run the risk of raccoon eyes. Also avoid Gabby’s faux pas above and make sure your concealer is no more than one shade lighter than your foundation especially if your photo is being taken. Once the camera hits it, it’ll appear even lighter than it actually is.
Blush Overload: While I’m happy whenever a woman isn’t afraid to use blush, I cringe when it’s overused. Blush helps to bring out the cheekbones and add warmth and color to the skin, but overdo it and it can look clown-ish. We’re human so if you OD’d on the blush, grab a powder brush dipped in face powder and go over your mistake. This will help tone down the blush and give you more of a “lit from within” look.
Cakey Foundation: A little goes a long way with foundation, so start with a sheer application and build it up if needed. Set with powder and for added protection against cakey face, spritz on a makeup spray like MAC Fix+.
Clumpy Mascara: Clumpy mascara is slowly becoming a thing of the past thanks to innovations in how mascaras are made. But to safeguard yourself from it, wipe off any excess mascara from the wand before applying it to your lashes. Work the wand from lash root to tip in a quick zig-zag motion. If you wish to add a second coat, do so before the first coat dries. You can also use a clean mascara wand to comb through the lashes and remove any excess.

5. Overdrawn Eyebrows: Your brows are probably the most important part of your look. They frame your face and can make or break any eye makeup look. Try and have them groomed by a professional at least once a month while keeping them trim with a pair of tweezers. If you must fill them in, do so with a brow pencil that’s slightly lighter than your hair color. Fill them in using light, dainty feathery strokes. Set with brow powder or gel.