Achieving a degree in International Business Management at London Metropolitan University. Congratulations mamie God bless you more and more..


  1. Teddy naomba tu unisaidie, huyu dada vipi ni Single?
    Please naomba msada wako, nijibu tu hapa kabla sijaanza safari yangu yakwenda London.
    Honestly, am soooo in love with her i dont care how much it will cost me as long as i will get time to talk to her, Plse find out for me.. i tryed her on facebook but its full, so i cant get access.
    I love her inshort.
    I live in USA but am planning to go to London soon, just to see if theres any chance to meet her face to face. I need your help sister.

  2. Beautiful and Inteligent.. Ha ha ha
    Who's luck man dada Teddy? I like this girl to death.
    Congrats Sporah.

  3. AAWW, Sporah Njau Amegraduate pia?????????????????? UWIIIIII narudi shule jamani, ukiona kina Dada wazuri na Career zao wanaenda shule inaogopesha.. Wahlah narudi shule.
    Byeeee TEDDY Umeniogopesha.


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