Keri Hilson Speaks On Her Recent Smuttiness, Coochie-Poppin, And How She Wants To Read The Bible From Cover To Cover

Two years have passed since R&B singer-songwriter Keri Hilson first made waves in the music industry with her Gold-selling debut In A Perfect World… The Georgia-born songbird is back, better and bolder than ever, with her sophomore effort No Boys Allowed. The Grammy-nominated diva-in-training recently sat down with Celebuzz to dish on what fans can expect from the new album, how she keeps her music fresh and what she has on top of her Christmas list this year.

Hilson began her career penning hit records for music’s biggest names, including: Britney Spears, Beyonce, Usher, Ciara and Mary J. Blige and later turned the industry on its ear with show-stopping collaborations with Timbaland, Ne-Yo and Kanye West. “I am in a place where I’m a lot less concerned with how things are received. That mindset for me right now is a gift. I don’t feel the pressure to be liked or loved by everyone. I can’t please everyone. You’re not going to win that battle, even when you feel like you are doing something everyone will like. People have something to say no matter what, so I may as well be myself.”

It is this confidence and strong sense of self that thematically propels Hilson’s latest offering. Driven by the hit singles “Breaking Point” and “Pretty Girl Rock,“ No Boys Allowed is a call to arms for women everywhere. “Sonically [the album] is the same, but the topics and my delivery are probably a little more aggressive,” says Hilson of the evolution of her sound. “The core of it is still emotional, the tone of it is still coming from the same place. Women do need girl power, we do need the togetherness that my music may bring them.” Not only is Hilson looking forward to continuing family traditions this season, she admits that a CD is all that sits atop her Christmas list. “I’ve always wanted to read the Bible cover to cover,” says Hilson. “I think it’s called ‘The Bible Experience,’ but they had all of these actors reenact the Bible on CD, so I really want that.”

Aside from taking over the music industry as we know it, Hilson’s New Year’s resolution reflects the same humble aspirations that not only brought her from Decatur, Georgia to Interscope Records, but will undoubtedly drive her to greater success in years to come. “It’s always the same,” says Hilson. “It’s to work on being a better person.”