DAVID & VICTORIA welcomed a baby girl into the world over the weekend. She’s just a day old and she’s already making headlines—and that’s mostly due to her new name. David and Victoria named their daughter Harper Seven, and the explanation behind the name is a simple one. It’s an old English name that Victoria has always loved. As for the middle name? Seven is generally thought of a lucky number. She was also born seventh hour in the seventh month – on the seventh day of the week weighing seven pounds, reports People.
It was also David’s jersey number for Manchester United and the English national team. A source in Los Angeles told The Sun newspaper: "The couple loved the name Harper. It has no hidden meaning - they just fell for the name and think it has a lovely sound.
Little Harper joins Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8½, and Cruz, 6½. But regardless of having older brothers, David confessed he’ll still have to be overprotective of his little girl. “People say that [I’m overprotective], but I'm so protective over my sons anyways, I can't see me being any more protective. She's going to have 3 boys to look over her; she is well protected,”