The first exclusive preview collection from Chenai, by London's newest designing duo Paida Fundira and Tasha Antwi.

  Kaleidoscope is a six piece, limited edition capsule collection celebrating the vibrant colours and prints in traditional African outerwear. Focusing on reflectional and rotational symmetry and feminine shapes, it is the definitive range for the woman after chic contemporary pieces with an ethnic twist. The collection offers flirty and fun styles each intricately made, featuring an array of colourful and vibrant African prints.The central focal point of the both the collection and the brand is to create everyday pieces with tribal print, encouraging a unique and inspiring wardrobe. The overall vibe of the trend is young, cheeky and flirtascious. The look is for women who are confident and appreciate well placed accents of colour and detail and are keen to explore these possibilities through contemporary outerwear.The Kaleidoscope collection dares you to stand out from the crowd and live life in colour.