Lady Gaga Named Richest Woman in Pop Music After Earning $90 Million This Year

Lady Gaga was crowned by Forbes Magazine as the highest earning woman in Pop music for the year 2011.
According to Forbes, the $90 million Gaga hauled in between the May 2010 and May 2011 from album sales, touring and endorsements earned her a top spot in their list of the highest earning female Pop singers.
Other wealthy female singers on the list include Country-Pop singer Taylor Swift, who came in second with $45 million, Pop singer Katy Perry, who earned $44 million, putting her at number 3, and Beyonce ($35M) and Rihanna ($29M) at numbers and five respectively.
Rounding out the bottom half of the top 10 was Pink ($22M), Carrie Underwood ($20M), Celine Dion ($19M) and Britney Spears, who tied with R&B singer/songwriter Alicia Keys at $10 million.